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Cervantes, Madrid.

Architect: Ana Hidalgo

Year: 2016

170421 CERVANTES 10 sin cotas.jpg

Surface: 130m2

House distributed in 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and a living-dining room. It has a loft of 16m2 which are destined for storage and bedroom.

Integral reform with a reinforcement in the structure due to the bad state it was in.

After several studies of distribution, it was decided to place the kitchen in the beginning of the apartment to avoid hallways and loss of space. The bathrooms and wardrobes were placed in the centre of the apartment, where light could least reach, to allow the apartment to have as much light as possible.

@ Photographs: Camille de Blois



@ Copyright: Espacio Entre Espacios, S.L




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