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duran, art and auctions. madrid

Salamanca Area, Madrid.
Architect: Ana Hidalgo

Interior Designer: Javier Soldevilla

Year: 2020


Plano duran.JPG


Total surface: 511 m2

On the second floor of number 19 of Goya Street in Madrid you can find the auction room ¨DURAN, ART Y AUCTIONS¨.
The auction room is composed of the offices of the company, showroom and warehouse. In order to access to the establishment, it is necessary to go through the DURAN JEWELLERY.
We are entrusted with the new image and distribution analysis.
The first and most important thing when designing the new space for Durán, Art and Actions is the study of the activity being carried out, the departments that constitute it and the necessities of each employee.
Likewise, just as much as buying or selling, the movement of the staff working there and of the customers who go to visit the exhibition is crucial.
T Following this study, we detected how mixed up the uses of the business's own activity were.
The idea was to group the private activity, that of the people who work there, offices, warehouse and cashier, with the public one, reception, showroom, book area and bathrooms.
With the approval of the new distribution plant, the project for the new image was developed.
New distribution, new facilities, new interior design that had to be done in one month.
This was achieved thanks to all the professionals involved and the support of the owners.


@ Photographs: Camille de Blois



@ Copyright: Espacio Entre Espacios, S.L



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