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Year: 2013
Location: Istanbul

The topic for this edition of THINKING THE EDGE was the waterfront, water and culture, as a condition extended to the whole city, in terms of urban, man-made and natural environment with its potentials, and for the overall urban quality of the city.

THINKING THE EDGE transcended architecture and urbanism to infiltrate other realms, like literature, philosophy, the arts and scientific research, with the aim to invite major figures in those fields to bring in a multidisciplinary approach to the subject under discussion and open the academic investigation to the field of the economical and productive world.

THINKING THE EDGE was hosted in Istanbul from 2nd until 9th of July 2013 with the participation of several universities from the city and from different international countries. With the support of public and private institutions, essentially from Turkey, Italy and Spain to promote the intensification of the rich cultural and economic relations among these countries.

This lecture was part of the round tables of THINKING THE EDGE, inviting prominent representatives of the architectural and interdisciplinary culture.

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