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Arquitecto: Ana Hidalgo

Año: 2022




The proposed solution is developed mainly on the ground floor. The new building is adapted to the constant slope of the parcel.
A first singular volume with a sloping roof accommodates the living area with a lounge, a dining room, a wardrobe and a toilet. A kitchen area is annexed.  A second double-height volume, now rectangular in shape, establishes the transit between the bedroom areas. Three bedrooms with their respective bathrooms are planned for this floor.
The first floor is reserved for the master bedroom, which also has an en-suite bathroom and a separate dressing room, accessed via a staircase in the double-height space described above.
From this same staircase, we access the basement floor where we find the installations room, storage room, gymnasium with bathroom and workshop.
The exterior appearance is dominated by the contrast between the sloping roof and the set of parallelepipeds at different heights that surround it. Pronounced openings are marked in the façades, giving prominence to light and transparency to the whole complex. 
The planned building is adapted to the existing trees, integrating them into the existing tree line.
A swimming pool will be built at the rear of the plot, 3 metres from the boundary. 
In the front area, a light structure is located next to the carriage access to protect the vehicles from the sun.
The interior spaces of the house have been organised in such a way that the house is functional and comfortable for the users

panorama 360 ana hidalgo

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