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Single-Family house SOTOSALBOS II


Parcel area 341.60 m2
Living area: 308 m2

Architects: Ana Hidalgo in collaboration with Joaquín Albertos.

Year: 2021

Plano Sotosalbos II.PNG


The parcel where the building subject to this project of rehabilitation and extension of a single-family house, is located within the consolidated urban land of the municipality of Sotosalbos.
The distribution of the resulting building will be as follows:
The entrance to the house will be made after crossing the existing courtyard. A small porch/exterior porch is designed, stealing a few meters to the house itself on its main facade to give entrance to the house through it. This facade has two large openings, to provide great luminosity inside the main room of the house.
The first room as you enter the interior of the house, is the living-dining room/kitchen, of large dimensions, occupying approximately 60% of the floor area and presenting a large volume with double height. This kitchen-living-dining room has a depth of between 8.20 and 6.35 m. and occupies the entire width of the house.
From this large main room we access to a space destined to a distributor and staircase area for access to the first floor, where a double bedroom with bathroom is projected.
The capture of natural light has played an important role in the design of the house, since the main face of the building is north. Large Velux windows have been opened on the south side of the house to capture as much natural light as possible.

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