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single family house

La moraleja

La Moraleja, Madrid
Architect: Ana Hidalgo

Year: 2019

Total surface area: 948,52m2

Built area: 743,58m2

Rehabilitation of a detached house: 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 toilets, kitchen, living room, dining room, cinema room and laundry. An attempt is made to merge the interior of the house with the outside and to allow light to enter. Separate or integrate the living room with the dining room is possible through a wooden lattice creating a multifunctional space. The space below deck, before unuseful, it's now enabled. Outside there is an integral intervention of landscaping, leveling ground, creating an infinity pool, a sustainable and Mediterranean garden, extension of the porch and a pergola. 


@ Photographs: Camille de Blois



@ Copyright: Espacio Entre Espacios, S.L



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