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single family house


Sotosalbos, Segovia
Architect: Joaquín Albertos y Ana Hidalgo

Year: 2018

Plano Sotosalbos.jpg

Total surface area: 462m2

Built area: 308m2

Rehabilitation and extension of the building for a single-family housing.

Rehabilitation of the existing edification in the plot, with the objective of distributing a new single-family housing, and amplification of other construction zones of the existing patio. These will be; a porch terraced to the housing, a porch zone, and a tools/boiler room. The house will have four dormitories, three bathrooms, a guest toilet, a kitchen, a living-dining room, an interior garage and a terraced porch distributed over the ground floor and under the roof.

@ Photographs: Camille de Blois



@ Copyright: Espacio Entre Espacios, S.L



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